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Technical Data

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Description Specifications
1 Ingression Protection (IP)IP - 55 Verified By CPRI
2Input Voltage Range180-300V AC (IP) / 415V (3ø)
3Output Voltage Range24/30/48/110/220V DC thyristor controlled
4 Major Alarm / AnnuncitaionCharger Fail/Under Voltage / Battery Disconnect/Revers Polarity
5 Capacity 45Ah/ 100Ah/200Ah/ 600Ah Lead/Ni-cd Battery

VRLA Type Battery With

FCB Charger

Power Control Centre

S.NO. DescriptionSpecifications
1Short Circuit Level65 KA For 1 Sec
2Ingression Protection (IP) IP -55 Verified by CPRI
3 Type Of ConstructionBolted
4Material Of EnclosureCRCA
5Type Of Control Wire FR-ISI Marked
6Power Terminaly Disconnected Type
7 Control Terminals Stud Type
8Cable Tie Arrangement For Customer CableSlotted Channel

Control & Relay Panel

S.NO.Description Specifications
1Ingression Protection (IP)IP -55 Verified by CPRI
2Type Of Construction Bolted
3 Material Of Enclosure CRCA
4Type Of Control WireFR-ISI Marked
5CT Terminals Disconnect Type
6 Control TerminalsStud Type
7Arrangement for Customer CablePVC Channel
8 Relay Protocol IEC -61850